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Turning Inward


Right now I’m under my brown earth blanket with 3 journals open, reflecting on life, what I’m learning, this year, these last 3 years… synthesizing, drawing pictures, conjuring… cozy and incredibly grateful for this season of slowing down and turning inward.

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Strategies to Reduce Stress



Research shows six major strategies for mitigating stress: sleep, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, mental health care, and healthy relationships.”

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Asking For Help

Fb therapy session and public vulnerability. I could use a little love today and any self-love wisdom that you have to share. Unfortunately there are some voices inside my head that are fixed on telling me stories about myself that make me feel like shit (stories they’ve been telling for years, a lifetime?). I’m trying to shut the tapes down, and I welcome tips you have for caring for yourself. From a tender heart who is fine in the big picture, just in the throes of healing and learning. Thank you <3

This post on facebook yielded 82 comments with incredible suggestions. Someday I hope to make another post that shares all of the self-care, self-love wisdom that was shared. Moral of the story… Ask for help.

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Caring for Your Whole Self

Please take care of yourself… and encourage others to do the same. It ain’t easy being human.

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Originally posted on Facebook by Monica Mitchell

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