Strategies to Reduce Stress

  “Research shows six major strategies for mitigating stress: sleep, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, mental health care, and healthy relationships.”

A Bright Welcome to This New Year

“Release painful patterns through embrace and not through struggle. We open our hearts to ourselves, each other and to the Universal Presence in which we are sustained. On the brink of this new year, we awaken to renewed choice. We seek the thoughts, images, feelings and actions that will more clearly reflect the Loving and […]

What is Your Morning Ritual?

Currently I am giving attention towards grounding my morning rituals. Do you have morning rituals? What are your morning rituals? How do you open into or invite in each new day? Thank you for sharing any of your practice. Updated: I’m curious about the balance between discipline and listening. Training ourselves through practice and following […]

A Curious Course

What is this mysterious flow between personal, impersonal, transpersonal? What does my soul long for? What does it feel like for me to answer a call, beckoning my re-turn to Self? Holding my gentle edges… embracing all of my selves… holding with gentleness, embracing what-is. Each moment guided by deep listening, trust and reverence for […]