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Strategies to Reduce Stress



Research shows six major strategies for mitigating stress: sleep, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, mental health care, and healthy relationships.”

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A Bright Welcome to This New Year

“Release painful patterns through embrace and not through struggle. We open our hearts to ourselves, each other and to the Universal Presence in which we are sustained. On the brink of this new year, we awaken to renewed choice. We seek the thoughts, images, feelings and actions that will more clearly reflect the Loving and Peaceful Heart always at the center of our being.”
~ Bet Alef High Holy Day Prayer Book

Last night began the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah. This marks the beginning of a new year and according to the Jewish calendar it is the year 5770. Rabbi Ted Falcon pointed out that this is a one-year (add the numbers up until you get to a single digit). A one-year symbolizes the beginning. We are at the beginning of a new cycle right now. What kind of a cycle do we want to create in our lives, in our communities, on this planet? What impact might we have if we actively take responsibility for how we grow into this New Year? Wouldn’t it be amazing if as Rabbi Ted said, this could be the “big one year” in which we realize our oneness?

And so I ask myself: What thoughts, images, feelings and actions do I want to live this year? How will I more clearly reflect the loving and peaceful heart always at the center of my being? How will I more clearly see and reflect the loving and peaceful heart always at the center of your being? Of our collective being? What does it feel like for me to open my heart more fully to myself, others and the source that sustains me and us? This year, I will discover new ways to wake up, recognize and live the fullness of who I am, the depth of my yearnings, the bright vision and sense of possibility that I see.

“This is a year that needs you to be you.”
~ Rabbi Ted Falcon

These are the questions I will be resting in today and for the next 9 days until Yom Kippur – meditating, listening, setting intentions, singing, dancing and dreaming what’s possible into being. I will follow Rabbi Ted’s instructions that it is my job right now to dream the biggest dreams and see visions as large as I can. I will do this for the sake of being an active servant to life, nourishing love, peace, healing, and wholeness in the world. This year the universe needs me to be me. Rabbi Ted invites us to ask ourselves,

“What am I being called to bring to this time?”

I think about Chris Corrigan’s recent post about intention… Now is a time to cultivate action that is rooted in intention and to keep asking, “What is my life dedicated to?”

If any of these questions spark something in your heart, please listen and follow that spark!! And if you’d like to share what emerges, I’d love to hear.

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Center the mind in stillness
Center the heart in love
Center the body in breath

Quote from 13-moon natural time calendar
Stone circle at Story House

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What is Your Morning Ritual?

Currently I am giving attention towards grounding my morning rituals. Do you have morning rituals? What are your morning rituals? How do you open into or invite in each new day? Thank you for sharing any of your practice.

Updated: I’m curious about the balance between discipline and listening. Training ourselves through practice and following our inherent flow and rhythm.

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A Curious Course

What is this mysterious flow between personal, impersonal, transpersonal? What does my soul long for? What does it feel like for me to answer a call, beckoning my re-turn to Self? Holding my gentle edges… embracing all of my selves… holding with gentleness, embracing what-is.

Each moment guided by deep listening, trust and reverence for love, beauty and togetherness.

Slowing down so that I may hear the rhythm of the current, so that I may feel the caresses of the wind, so that I may rest in the arms of my own sacred breath. Slowing down, feeling the morning haze dissolve, opening to the vibrant life emerging into this fresh day.

Surrendering and walking slowly… ever-so mindfully… being present with it all.

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A Dear Companion

Settling into the sacredness, I lie in the moon’s light . . .

her radiance bathing me in divine light
showering upon me a familiar blanket of love

so close… family… kin

a wave and another and another
of gratitude and devotion

memories of how this moon has been
such a dear companion throughout life
for me. with me

so much dependability and so much mystery

lying here in the moon’s light
i feel the earth supporting my back

i breathe into the space between me and the moon
i feel my space — my self —
filling to touch her light
i feel the warmth between me and her
as my sense of self
she’s so close

how can she be so loving?
such radiance. . .

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