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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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Fake News

“‘Fake News’ is a new name for White Supremacy. In order to keep racism going, you have to perpetuate lies.” ~Glenn Singleton

In order to dominate people and coerce them into subordination and oppression, you have to perpetuate lies.

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Facing Whiteness

“Life can be hard if you’re White, but not because you’re White.” -Royce Mann, 14 year-old spoken word poet at the Opening Ceremonies of #NAISPoCC

Video viewable here

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Treating ALL with Dignity & Respect


An empowering speech about the value of women and girls and what this country has done to raise up their worth. “America’s greatness comes from recognizing the innate dignity in all people.” May we see this come true in America some day… for all people. We are not there yet. No president is going to be the one to get us there. It’s up to us, the people, to demand and design a society that treats everyone with dignity and respect. Who is up for that challenge? (article)

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Stopping the Lies About Boys & Men

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Please visit Let Me Run and, the creators of this message, to find out more about how they’re working to improve boys’ physical, social and mental health through lessons, activities, and the power of running.

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Asking Real Questions

To the Trump supporters who are critical thinkers and care about human beings — what do you tell your children or grandchildren about the ways he talks about people from Mexico, Muslims and women? What do you tell them about how he insults and puts down people so openly and expressively? I’m not talking about Hillary right now, I’m genuinely curious how people who care about dignity and respect explain his attitudes and behaviors to young people.

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I Fit The Description

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I fit the description…

“Nothing I am, nothing I do, nothing I have means anything because I fit the description.”

A personal story from Steve Locke. Well worth your read.


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