May we Dismantle Oppressive Behaviors and Embrace Mutuality

A prayer for every person who is devoted to social change that leads to a more just and humane world… May each one of us strengthen or develop our capacities to address tensions and conflict, receive and give feedback, and learn and grow from our encounters… may we stay focused on the goals of change […]

He Carried a Vision of Love Alive in the World

Someone incredibly dear to my heart and soul left his body on Wednesday. A spirit buddy. A soul friend. A guide. A mentor. A lover of life. One who sought to “open eyes and entice hearts out of their prison into accepting a simpler, more loving way… I want to hold their hands and say, […]

Supporting Change Through Friendship and Compassion

Glyness Hernandez Today I honor present and past teachers, visionaries, activists and leaders who have dedicated their brilliance and gifts to creating a world that works for all, opening opportunities in subtle and bold ways for freedom, equality, justice and healing. “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in […]

friend ship

friend ship my friend paul has boarded his ship and sailed away and back to southafrica. he was part of my family for over a year and now leaves behind a vacuum, an empty space, which is stubbornly present in our lives. friendship – what a funny word. why is this bond connecting people called […]

things we can and cannot control

as an elementary school counselor, i get to engage with children in many enriching conversations. discussing life skills has always been a topic that i find incredibly valuable to dialogue with children. this month’s guidance lesson with grades 2-4 was on changes that happen in our lives. things in our life are constantly changing. some […]