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Don’t Miss the Love-Messages Flashing From Every Eye

The world is an open green
in the middle of a garden

Beings in various forms
see their reflections and laugh,
love-messages flashing from every eye


photo by divyanshs

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“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” ~ Rumi

photo by kiri :D
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The Way WIngs Should


What will
our children do in the morning?
Will they wake with their hearts wanting to play,
the way wings

Will they have dreamed the needed flights and gathered
the strength from the planets that all men and women need to balance
the wonderful charms of
the earth

so that her power and beauty does not make us forget our own?

I know all about the ways of the heart – how it wants to be alive.

Love so needs to love
that it will endure almost anything, even abuse,
just to flicker for a moment. But the sky’s mouth is kind,
its song will never hurt you, for I
sing those words.

What will our children do in the morning
if they do not see us

~ Rumi ~

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Embracing Love

“I knocked on the door
of the One who embraces Love.
He opened it, saw me there and began to laugh.
He pulled me in….
I melted like sugar cubes…
in the arms of the Lover,
that wizard of the world… “


photo source and poem found at Ineffable Bliss
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