Follow the Leadership of People of Color

I firmly believe that any hope of us (whichever us you want to insert here) moving forward and creating a more peaceful and just world/country/community will require that we follow the leadership and guidance of people who are traditionally marginalized and thus already have experience navigating around the dominating cultural patterns of discrimination, violence and unjust laws, policies and practices. This includes people of color, gender queer folks, differently abled folks, etc. I also believe that there is cultural wisdom about leadership, building community and collective action that some of these groups have been carrying for generations and that wisdom is desperately needed in these times.

Let’s break the cycle of habitually giving power and credit to the dominant White male perspective. This is not to say that White men (or White women) don’t have an important part to play in change and transformation. And… this isn’t the post where I will write more about that nuance. Stay tuned for that one… or leave a comment and let me know what you want me to write about!!

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