A Perspective I Can’t See

I sincerely wish that I could understand how people who support Trump as a president reconcile the aspects of who he is that are laid out in this article. I wish I could see how you feel certain and unconcerned about the racist and white nationalist-supporters and outright environmental destructionalists (my word) that he is putting in some of the highest offices of our country, and the effects that could have on this planet (where your children will hope to survive) and millions of people who are not White Christians. I wish I could understand how you feel unalarmed by his treatment to women and how that will affect your daughters, granddaughters, wives, selves, what that will bring out in other men and boys who haven’t learned to respect women yet. I wish I could understand how you are unconcerned about his comfort with telling not only lies (because all politicians do that), but outlandish, no where near the truth lies, and feeling the need for no accountability, no willingness to name mistakes. I wish I could see from your perspective a bit better. To survive through this time, I know I have to be able to see from your perspective. I sincerely try. And I am stumped. I imagine that one of the core things is that we read different news. If you have read this far and are willing to read this article. Please do. If you have a complimentary article that shows me how you are experiencing this moment in our political and human rights life, I will read an article you suggest. Thank you.

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