Integrating Man’s Control of Order with Nature’s Mastery of Order

If you’re in the Seattle Area, I highly recommend a trip to this year’s Seattle International Children’s Festival to experience contemplative juggler, Thomas Arthur May 17 – 19. For a taste, you can watch some recent television appearances here and here (for the second one, skip ahead to 31:31)

“In a wondrous dance of animate objects and projected image, Luminous Edge tells the story of a Wizard’s apprentice and his struggle to learn new ways of being in a world on the verge of collapse. How do we learn to cooperate with the natural flow instead of trying to control it? The apprentice seeks to integrate the genius and skill of the Wizard with the heart of the Shaman as he explores magical patterns reflected in geometric shapes and natural objects.

Luminous Edge is a playful, hopeful exploration of the environmental and social problems facing our world today, a call to bring the wisdom of science into the heart of soul and community.”

Although this work has been created for the children’s festival, it will definitely appeal to adults as well and I highly recommend purchasing tickets and joining us for the experience.

At this performance you will be swept about by breathtakingly beautiful images of nature, forms of movement, and inquiries of existence.

In the meantime, here is a picture of Angkor Thom, Cambodia brought to us by Day and Night Painter. It’s another sacred place that shows the connection between man’s control and nature’s power… and it also leaves me in awe.

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