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Please Share Your Visions of an Inspiring Future

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I believe that another world is possible.
I believe that humans have the capacity to be more humane.
We are living in a time of profound injustice,
where human lives are constantly violated, and hate and violence is being amplified.
And yet, I still believe in the goodness in people’s hearts.

How do we tap into more of that goodness?
What are the anchors that help us stay centered in these times of chaos and destruction?

We’re all in this together.
Perhaps our radical imagination is an essential tool
to help us keep moving forward towards a more loving, humane and just world.

What do you see when you imagine a future that is inspiring and worth working towards?

Tomorrow I turn 40. To celebrate my birthday, I would love to receive some inspiration. Please leave a comment, send me a private message, a text, an email, or a phone call that offers a glimpse of a vision of the future that inspires you? Or share an image of how you and your community are already living a future now that inspires you? It could be one sentence or a few. It doesn’t have to be wise words, any image will be so appreciated… and perhaps will provide some inspiration for others. We must maintain the ability to dream beyond fear and divisiveness.

adrienne maree brown in her book Emergent Strategy is an inspiration to me in this realm and here are some of her words on this topic (with some slight edits/additions from me):

“How do we cultivate the muscle of radical imagination needed to dream together beyond fear?

In order to create a world that works for more people, for more life, we have to collaborate on the process of dreaming and visioning and implementing that world. We must imagine new worlds, a world beyond enemies, finding ways to coexist, celebrating our polycultural world, transforming the conditions that make injustice possible, growing an economy of relationships, a society of care and respect. The more people who cocreate the future, the more people whose concerns will be addressed from the foundational level in this world.

I suspect that is what many of you are up to, practicing futures together, practicing justice together, living into new stories. It is our right and responsibility to create a new world.”

What visions and images of a compassionate and just world do you see? What does liberation for all of us look like to you? How do we take care of one another? What does it look like when we see, learn from and appreciate one another? What are your images of how we share resources, how we make decisions together, how we care for children, the elderly, and other folks who are vulnerable? How do you see justice being centered? What art do you imagine that gives us visions for new life and new ways of being together?¬†What are you already experiencing that is an expression of a future you’d like to see more of?

Thank you so much for sharing any of your images or visions. Together we are capable of magic.

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Online Meditation

Please consider joining us for another online meditation tomorrow, Friday, June 29th at 9:00 am Pacific Time in the Santuary at Wings. You can visit last week’s meditation by going here.

After a phone conversation with Amy today (who plans to be present for the meditation tomorrow) I find myself lightly holding a theme of inquiry for tomorrow’s meditation. I am resting with the word, energy, feeling, practice of receiving. We’ll see what emerges tomorrow in our shared space. Hopefully you’ll be there to experience it yourself!!

Update: You can experience the meditation here… and if you feel called to continue it, post away!

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Online Meditation

Dear easily amazed,


You’re invited to participate in an online meditation on Friday, June 22nd at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time. Together we will spend an hour in reflective and expressive meditation, connecting with kindred easily amazed souls. The idea is that this will be a regular occasion, gathering in the Sanctuary on Fridays at 9:00 a.m. Pacific time beginning on June 22 and continuing as long as individuals have passion, energy and availability to show up and connect with one another, sharing sacred online space. You can experience past meditations from March 2006 and October 2005.

How to Participate
Login to the Easily Amazed forum any time during that hour (if you need help logging in, email me at ). Enter the sanctuary and you will find a thread titled Meditation Through Relation. Enjoy a nourishing breath and allow yourself to sink into the flow of your moment. As words or images arise, press ‘postreply’ and share them with those who are present. You may offer thoughts, sensations, feelings, observations, inquiries, reflections…..

Every minute or so you can press the REFRESH button on your web browser, regenerating the screen to see and receive what other participants have offered.

Please consider joining in on these often inspiring and nourishing events.

With love,

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