10 years in WNC

This weekend marked 10 years that I’ve been back in Western North Carolina. When I first moved to Black Mountain in 2000, I felt a sense of at-home that I’d never experienced before. The land felt like my heart-home, embraced me and told my cells — you belong here. Being in a small town matched my personality. When I left to attend graduate school, I always imagined I would return. And I did. It felt so resonant when I landed back on this soil, eager to learn and see how I could serve…

It feels like so much has happened during these 10 years and not much has happened at the same time. The land is still wise and nourishing. There are so many incredible people here, so many folks investing their heart, sweat and soul. Many still here and many that have left. Dear humans have touched my life, and hopefully I theirs. And… I have such a complex relationship with this place… I pray for what’s possible to come to life here, in regards to healing and justice and a thriving existence for more than just wealthy white people. I pray for our creativity and compassion to be applied to how we do community and live as a society. I pray for the destructive and dehumanizing cycles of systemic treatment on those most vulnerable to stop. I pray that I am contributing in positive and meaningful ways… and not just contributing to the whitening and gentrifying that continues to swallow this place up.

Thank you western North Carolina for sharing your life and soul with me.

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