Kids Have REALLY Good Ideas

This word art was created by the feedback that organizers and presenters gave regarding their experience participating in TEDxNextGenerationAsheville. It will be clear to you why I dedicated a huge part of 2010 to launching this initiative when you read their thoughts. The following are all responses from youth under 18 years-old except for the last one, which is from an adult.

What do you want people to know about TEDxNextGenerationAsheville?

  • I want people to know that sometimes, kids have really good ideas. Ideas that everyone can learn from, ideas MEANT for adults to listen to. And I want for the adults to listen. To be proactive, and help our generation (the next generation, that is) feel like we can make a difference in the world. I feel like that was the whole reason behind TEDxNGA in the first place, and I feel like it’s slowly becoming more and more noticed, respected, and listened to throughout the country. ~Xandy, Production Team
  • It’s a great thing for young people and something adults should encourage their kids to get involved with. I had a very transformative experience and I think other people could benefit just as much. ~Nate, Presenter
  • TEDxNGA is an expierience that is not so common in today’s busy world. We become so involved and focused with our own thoughts that is can be difficult to hear the voices of those who are below us- kids. Minors do not necessarily have a chance to always express their views in the world, but at the same time, they are not bound by the confines of the the larger world. They are able to think ‘outside the box’ and communicate the importance of many issues. TEDxNGA is an oppurtunity for that communication to take place, and is a forum for adults to hear youthful voices. It is truly an incredible expierience- one that I feel honored to have been a part of. Not solely because of TED’s name recognition, but because of the design. The guiding principle which has incredible value in our system of Government is exhibited on a local scale. The “Sharing of Ideas” is what makes TEDxNGA unique and an awesome expierience for all involved. ~Wyatt, Production Team

What part of your TEDxNextGenerationAsheville experience means the most to you?

  • The fact that kids controlled or at least had a great deal of input in what went on. ~Ceante, Production Team
  • The most important part to me for the experience was helping other peers my age get heard, and working with adults side-by-side. It was really awesome making the connections also. Oh, and brainstorming powers are like +1Billion for me now! ~Julien, Technical Director
  • For me the best part of the experience was the process of working with the NGA design team and the youth that were involved. The positive and fun supportive environment you created to offer all of us to imagine with our minds, heart and spirit wide open was one of the best processes for group collaboration I have participiated in for many years. Working with the young people in our community and watching them soar was very rewarding. EVERYONE on the team was included and felt part of the process. ~Eileen, Core Organizer

So I welcome 2011 with open arms and with a twinkle in my eye, ever more curious about how the precious seeds that we each harbor filled with passion, compassion, talent and inspiration will sprout in our communities and the gardens we can grow together when we are genuinely connecting with one another and working together towards our shared future.

My intro at TEDxNextGenerationAsheville 2010.

To learn more about TEDxNextGenerationAsheville, visit the website and read our recent newsletter.

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  1. Hunting for great ideas seems the toughest, perhaps the most unpredictable task. I hate the guts you have (smile), Quite honestly, you have put yourself on a difficult road and your confidence in it is admirable. Keep the dream alive. After all, if something is not difficult, then it is hardly precious!

    1. Ashley!! I felt so proud & pleased to see you stand there doing ur thing!!
      Everything I love about ‘American-ness’ – if u can plz forgive my steroetyping generalisations!!

      I was in that room watching you on stage, feeling buoyed & excited & really supportive of ur admirable & fascinating endeavours….

      Gooooooo Girl…!!!

      PS, & that you-tube clip of Jumping Cow by 15yrold girl is priceless!! Thanx

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