Rediscovering My Voice

I’ve lost my rhythm for writing.
Where did it go?

The multitiude of ideas, concepts, observations and experiences in my life begin to stack up. One on top of another. Time and energy begin to feel scarce as the possibilities of their use lie before me. How to not only synthesize for myself but to stop and bring stillness so that coherent language might shape its way around the abstract and birth forth a form that can be held by another? That I can hold myself?

How to stop and bring stillness?

What voice do I want to use? This weblog has been through so many incarnations. Depository of interesting nibbles in the web world; journal of self-expression and exploration; synthesizing tool for weaving together perspectives from different conversations and disparate reading materials. What now? How can it serve me and my current development? What value might my words upon thoughts upon images upon expression have to share beyond the confines of my swimming brain and bulging heart?

And how do I organize all the content. When I started writing publicly in November of 2003 there weren’t so many options for organizing and categorizing and purposizing my wanderings. There are now. Which I value and appreciate…. and have yet to discover my order for pages, categories, tags and topics.

Again I ask… what wants to emerge? How do the pages want to be filled?

And so the journey begins… again… re-turning… emerging… discovering… stepping into a voice that has something to say and is ready to speak. What music will get played? How will I be moved? Who will join me in this dance?

Stacked books photo by Wonderlane

Mimi dancing is my grandmother!

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  1. thomas November 8, 2010 at 11:53 am #

    This is fabulous, Ashley. Love the new look and very much looking forward to seeing what emerges here next. Wonderful!

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