5 years, 555 times

Happy Belated Birthday, Easily Amazed! In November, this webl (blog) turned 5 years old. Yesterday I posted the 555th post. That’s cause to celebrate!!

In the old days when this place of expression and connection was just being birthed, it looked a little like the picture to the left. And then my curiosity about how to personalize blogger reached it’s peek and the new look found it’s way into being. Now, my friends, it’s almost time for phase 3, the next formation of this house of creation.

As we’ve heard, change is on the horizon… it is arriving. I don’t know exactly what this will mean for the next version of easily amazed. I do know that I’m excited to find out! Thank you, beautiful blue and your radiant invitation, for being a cozy place where I could find my voice and share with others.

Stay tuned…

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