We Are

My first “We Are” poem:

We Are Here Now Together
December 21, 2008

Here now
the moment is ripe
life awaits

we are suffering, we are blossoming
we are waking up, we are falling asleep
we are tormented, we are hopeful
and inspired
we are pleading and searching
we are grieving and hurting
we are lost in a maze of disconnect and desertion

There is wisdom calling us home
There is faith, joy, gracious wonder
wrapped in a moment of least expectant
wrapped in an action beyond pure comfort

We are opportunities
We are responsible for making a difference

We are
compassionate and sometimes trembling hands
open and receptive hearts attuned to grief and suffering, akin to giving and glowing
unbridled intellect and curiosity, committed to cause and inquiry

We are
devoted to the seen and unseen
listening to the mystery
informed by wonder and awe

we are

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