I love words. I love simple words and words I have never heard before. I love old words and the original meaning of words. It’s like floating back to the roots, always trying to capture the essence which lies beyond.

I love how simple words stringed together can take me on a journey, play on me like an instrument, make me laugh, sad, excited and full of love. It’s a miracle and part of that miracle is You. We. Us. All of us.

Words carry energy and that energy can hurt or heal. A heartfelt: “I love you!” can change any ones day. There are words of power. The old traditions call them prayer or mantra and they connect us with the ever present. With simple words to the ever present in 3 small paragraphs…

I love words!

Painting by Alex Stiefler


Dear Jan,

Welcome back!

Oh how my heart skips feeling your words here… your reverence and reverie emerging forth through this screen… your voice and your perspective opening up into this playfield of expression, taking me on a journey, playing me like an instrument. Luscious!

I recently learned a word I think you would like: quiescent— Being in a state of repose; at rest; still; inactive.

with love,

GravatarDarling Jan!

How wonderful for you to post. As a fellow lover of words, your own were a great gift to me. As with all your past posts on Integral Naked, the integrity and immediacy of your words resonated with my own experience, facilitating deeper contact, clarification, and inquiry. Biggest hug and deepest bow to you.

I sometimes marvel at language’s capacity to clothe the silent and subtle movement of thought-feeling- sensation in manifest form as speech via the concert of breath and body and as writing via the complex codification of abstraction. I’m also taken with the paradox of words/language/conception as simultaneously revealing and concealing the Experiencing that birthed them. Maybe speech can even be understood as a yoga of subtle and gross form — if nothing else, every utterance is ultimately a creative act, and a testament to God’s annunciation as human expression.

Thank you again for opening me further to my own experience.

So much love,

GravatarThank you two so much for your kindness! One love, one mind, three hearts beating in different places. Love ya!

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