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I’m looking for some help. I need to connect with someone who has capacities in building websites and working on a mac. My PC recently crashed and as I’m quite computer-ignorant in many ways, I don’t know how to access the back side of my websites through my mac. Ideally I would love to work with someone who could both help me and teach me some of the simple functions I could do myself. I also appreciate people who care about the aesthetic side to a website. Right now I use Lunar Pages web hosting, a phpbb forum, blogger and I think that’s it. I’m open to shifting to other platforms if someone can tell me why I should and help me with the process. I’m especially interested in a new forum as I haven’t found a good way to deal with spam and manipulate the aesthetics to my liking. I wouldn’t be able to give this project attention for at least another month, but I thought I’d put the call out here and see what happens!

Do you know a person that might be able to help me… are you that person?

On a separate note, a constant dream of mine is that as humans connected to one another in face to face and virtual communities, we are available and able to connect in ways that serve our needs and utilize the resources and gifts we each have to offer.

I once wrote:

What if it were that simple… What if we express our needs, articulating the simplest, most elegant offering that would further our ability to share more fully our gifts with the world, and then as a community we find ways to support one another, encouraging each of us to show up fully, offering our gifts, receiving and flourishing. What if…..

And so I wonder… What do you need? What do you have to offer? … In my dream world every community has a marketplace where we can share offerings and requests with one another. Are you interested in playing in this way?

If any of this intrigues you and especially if you know my web-person, please feel free to email me or leave a comment.

Thank you~

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