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I am a Learning Partner | A Life Coach

Are you currently functioning at your optimal capacity? Are you feeling disoriented, overwhelmed, or stuck? Do you need to refocus where and how you are investing your energy and attention?

Let me hold some space for you to center, align with what is most important in your life right now, and move forward in inspiring ways. I offer a supportive and yet challenging environment, encouraging people to slow down, listen, face and learn from what is present, imagine possibilities, and discover ways to navigate their life in order to live their full potential. I delight in helping people grow in positive ways.

You can imagine me as a life assistant, focusing my attention and creative, compassionate energy on assisting you and your life’s well-being. This may seem like a luxury, to have two people (me and you) focusing completely on you and your life.

It is.

And, sometimes this luxury is necessary.

In order to work through the obstacles that keep us stuck and hold us back, in order to live up to that which we feel we are called to contribute, we need to devote energy and attention towards healing and intentional paths forward. Another person holding space for that journey can increase success and make the process so much more nourishing and fulfilling. In addition, nothing helps growth and change like an accountability partner.

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Together we:

  • Create a nourishing space to explore what is happening internally and externally in your life
  • Acknowledge and honor what is and isn’t working
  • Face the things that need attention
  • Imagine inspiring ways forward
  • Experiment with new ways of being
  • Reflect on what you are learning
  • Strategize choices that feel both bold and accomplishable

Some of the qualities I bring:

  • An authentic and caring presence
  • Asking good questions
  • Listening deeply
  • Synthesizing and making visible what is being explored
  • A playful spirit of possibility and experimentation

My approach to coaching is guided by my training and experience as a counselor, facilitator, and educator, along with my own core values and spiritual practice. I began coaching in 2005. You can learn more about me here. I am re-opening my coaching practice as a financial stream to allow me to do more grassroots and community organizing at no or low cost. I am committed to investing in both individuals (like you) and in my communities.

When I re-opened this practice, I reached out to past clients whom I worked with 3-10 years ago to see if our work has continued to live in their lives. Here’s what four people had to say:

“My experience of you as a coach was both delightful and insightful (or maybe that should be “inciteful” because our talks always galvanized me into action of some kind). You helped me find my voice and my power. From the beginning, you were wise beyond your years, thoughtful, smart, but maybe equally important, you made me laugh at some of my own perceptions, especially the limiting ones. Your playfulness left me feeling uplifted at the end of each call.”

“You held the space for my uncertainty, vulnerability, and lack of direction. You didn’t try to fix that. You were there for those early, scary moments of groping in the dark, holding the space.”

“You’re an exceptional listener, Ashley. It was like you were hearing not just what I was saying, but what I was not necessarily expressing in words. Which sounds a little goofy, but true. You’re also just nice to talk to, a very likable human.”

“You see the forest AND the trees — and bring your whole being to the table. You walk your talk.”

Interested in a Session?

  • Sessions generally range from 60-90 minutes, depending what will best serve you.
  • We can meet by phone, video, or in person depending on your location.
  • It is important to me that the whole process is in service to your goals. Sometimes investing money helps encourage learning and growth. Sometimes money gets in the way. Sessions generally range from $100-$250/hour. That said, I like to be creative with the economics of our interactions and never want money to get in the way of doing good work together.
  • I offer a free 20-minute consultation for us to see if working together is a good fit.

Click here to schedule a free consultation to explore the potential of working together as Learning Partners.

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