These times call for creative action and resistance. What’s yours to do?

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What Participants in the Workshop Have to Say:

Self-Guided Participant:

“I’m in the trenches here doing the work and this was so good to hear. It came at just the right time. We are struggling hard with divisiveness among liberals, activists, advocates, service providers, politicians, etc…I loved this. Thanks.”  ~ Sarah Nuñez, Louisville, KY

Live Online Participant:

“This was excellent and very grounding for me in the personal, professional and political aspects of my life. I appreciated the clear intention setting at the beginning which helped to clarify the time and space. I liked the concepts that were shared as it helped provide scaffolding and anchoring about how to think about action. I liked the balance of personal reflection time and sharing time.” ~ Workshop participant from Oakland, CA 

Typles of Action


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