What Can You DO to Stop These Murders

The family of Jordan Edwards speak on the terror of police murdering their son. Our complacency in allowing state sanctioned murders, executions and violence to go unchecked is among the many things that have paved the way for basic human rights for health, dignity and respect to be stripped away from all who are not […]

White Folks – Learn to Talk about Race

Jordan Edwards did everything that dominant culture tells us is good and right. He was smart, popular,and athletic. The party got rowdy, so he left. He used sound judgement. He was still murdered by the state. No black body is safe. White Supremacy does not allow any black/ brown body to be safe. Ever. – […]

White Supremacy is a Racial Hierarchy

  Quotes from Desiree Adaway: “White supremacy refers to a racial hierarchy in which whiteness sits at the very tippy top. This country was founded and built upon this system—legally, culturally, economically, and politically—of white male upper class supremacy. We want to believe that it only reflects extreme images of terrorist organizations like KKK members […]