holographic universe

reshaping the way we view reality. the universe as a hologram. i love this image/reminder that there is always only one fish. no matter what perspective i’m taking, there is still only ONE fish.

“Imagine an aquarium containing a fish. Imagine also that you are unable to see the aquarium directly and your knowledge about it and what it contains comes from two television cameras, one directed at the aquarium’s front and the other directed at its side.

As you stare at the two television monitors, you might assume that the fish on each of the screens are separate entities. After all, because the cameras are set at different angles, each of the images will be slightly different. But as you continue to watch the two fish, you will eventually become aware that there is a certain relationship between them.

When one turns, the other also makes a slightly different but corresponding turn; when one faces the front, the other always faces toward the side. If you remain unaware of the full scope of the situation, you might even conclude that the fish must be instantaneously communicating with one another, but this is clearly not the case.”


these pictures from the hubble telescope are amazing!

the original pictures are black and white. but those that know best add the color. you might ask why….

• To depict how an object might look to us if our eyes were as powerful as Hubble

• To visualize features of an object that would ordinarily be invisible to the human eye

• To bring out an object’s subtle details.

basically, helping us see the things that we can’t see with our own little eyes. what’s the equivalent to adding color in the world of touch? to help people feel the things our own little sensorsers can’t feel: another person loving you, confusion, tension in the room, someone staring at you. or how about injecting some color to help us see the patterns we otherwise might not notice: the wind blowing, someone’s breath, the lines connecting a room full of people. and the things we need help hearing: other people thinking of us and talking to us from afar, our inner voice. heightening our taste of: a fall day, an ill person…