Words are Insufficient

On days like today, my fingers go silent, my words jumble, who I’m typing to feels complex… different things to say to different people. So many veins of feeling passing through my heart. I send so much love to those who need it today — particularly Black folks. Thank you for surviving. Please take gentle […]

TEDxKatuah was another inspiring event that brought people from different arenas of science together to share ideas, spread inspiration and make connections… in a fascinating and historical site. Stay tuned for more details to come. TEDxKatuah Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute

Caring For One Another ~ Caring For the Whole

What struck me most during my short visit to Occupy Wall St in NYC and participation in a General Assembly there, was how much energy and attention people were investing in taking care of one another… food, first aid, blankets, kindness to neighboring businesses, respect of noise, etc. Is that the case in other cities? […]