What We Can DO

What can I do? I hear so many people voicing their concern for these times and asking, “What can I do?” Are you one of these tender-hearted people who believes in love, peace, and honoring the good in all humans? Are you afraid and possibly even paralyzed by the violence and hate that you are […]

Looking to Expand Your Network to Not Be So White?

“Because my network is diverse, white people often reach out to me asking me to connect them with people of color, because they want to diversify their organization, program, event, etc. While I am heartened by their desire for inclusivity, I hope to communicate that if they truly are sincere and want more than a […]

I’m Learning About Being a White Woman

I am devoted to creating a more loving and equitable world. Navigating this commitment can be challenging. The purpose of this post is to share some things I am learning as a White, middle-class, cis-gendered, able-bodied woman saying yes to the challenges, staying committed to running this marathon, and making every effort to keep my […]

White Folks – Learn to Talk about Race

Jordan Edwards did everything that dominant culture tells us is good and right. He was smart, popular,and athletic. The party got rowdy, so he left. He used sound judgement. He was still murdered by the state. No black body is safe. White Supremacy does not allow any black/ brown body to be safe. Ever. – […]

Money Has Power

MONEY is a huge factor in this fascist state we are quickly shifting into and a powerful component of successful strategies. The majority of the players in power are invested in making money and the majority of the players on the ground cultivating freedom and justice are in need of money. ACTION involves making choices […]