Forms of Personal and Collective Practice

Inquiry is an essential part of my personal life practice. A current inquiry: the relationship between personal practices and collective practices. One way of describing practice is the process of listening deeply, becoming intimately engaged in a certain way of being. For example, a person who practices piano learns to know the instrument, the notes, […]


i collect prayers. it first came as quite a surprise to me to feel a rising attraction to prayers and blessings again. i liked prayers in my childhood but lost contact when i became cool. even until several moons ago the thought of prayers had an embarrassing quality to it – or lets say, it […]


~ projections ~ What do we do, how do we respond when someone projects their “undesirable thoughts, motivations, desires, feelings, and so forth onto” us? (wikipedia) And how about when someone projects desirable thoughts, feelings, and motivations onto us? How do we protect ourselves from taking projections personally? How do we cleanse ourselves of other’s […]