Voice Dialoguing and A Personal Story

Journaling yesterday morning, I found myself wondering about how I operate:Who is it that has all the control? Who is the dominant decision maker?I decided to explore this inquiry through Voice Dialoguing. If you’re not familiar with Voice Dialogue, Brandy George explains it here: Voice Dialogue work allows us to transform the unconscious struggle of […]

Receiving Compliments and Passing Them On

Tom Davis offered a wonderful practice for interacting with compliments in response to an earlier inquiry into compliments: When Malcom Forbes was awarded the first ever GQ Manstyle award he said something like, “We most appreciate those awards we least deserve.” So I always try to remind myself of that when someone gives me a […]

Balancing Knowing and Not-Knowing

knowing my cells breathea deep knowing clarity my body resonateswith recognition my heart is awakea full knowing awareness not-knowing I open, accept, surrender being withthe mysterious emergenceof this moment falling, floating, flailing, flyinga flower turning inside outa void of total stillness knowing is trustingthe sacred listeningof my human instrument not-knowing is trustingthe sacred wholeness of […]