Full Moon Ramble in the Rain

the night pulled me awake... the moon pulled me outside.

full moon flow bursting through my soul...
guess I better get out there in it.

bundled up myself and my tender heart.

a sweet, sweet soul-grounding 3am walk in the rain...
after a crazy and surprising day.


noting the forces enticing me to play...

smiling and laughing as I lose and find my way.

art by karabrown

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posted by ashley


Lunar Eclipse

How blessed we are
to be alive
and to see
our own shadow
projected upon
the moon's face.

The many faces
upon which our shadows
and our light shine!

Grace dancing
in time and space.


posted by ashley


Dear Loving You

Dear loving You, (says the moon)

I see you lying there
held with earthen hands.
Your radiance reaches me
in an arc of divine light.

Your warmth is like a blanket of love
draped over your friends, family, and kin.

I see your light reflecting upon all that you touch,
the nearby waves shimmer with
your gratitude and devotion.

Dear loving You,
Your companionship has been unfailing.
Each time I seek you
you have always been there.

You are my familiar friend -
So wise and still full of surprise.
You are a beautiful mystery,
A paradox of known and unknown.

You and I breathe into the space
between us, dear One.
I, too, feel this expansion --
now filling again with light – yours
(I am a mere reflection of your light).

I wonder how it is
that you can be so loving?
such radiance pours from you. . .

I am illuminated with gratitude, dear You
(says the moon).

Poem by Meredith at Graceful Presence and comic from Ineffable Bliss

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posted by ashley


A Dear Companion

Settling into the sacredness, I lie in the moon's light . . .

her radiance bathing me in divine light
showering upon me a familiar blanket of love

so close... family... kin

a wave and another and another
of gratitude and devotion

memories of how this moon has been
such a dear companion throughout life
for me. with me

so much dependability and so much mystery

lying here in the moon’s light
i feel the earth supporting my back

i breathe into the space between me and the moon
i feel my space -- my self --
filling to touch her light
i feel the warmth between me and her
as my sense of self
she's so close

how can she be so loving?
such radiance. . .

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posted by ashley

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