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Luminous Edge by Thomas Arthur

Thomas Arthur recently performed Luminous Edge in Vancouver, BC. Some lovely reviews of the show appeared in The Vancouver Sun and Georgia Straight. A few sweet lines:

"An interesting glimpse into one man's passion for compassion...
Make no mistake - kids are going to be given not only Arthur's feel for physical fun but a whole bunch of love as well. This is a man whose heart chakra is bursting to embrace everyone."

"I think it’s safe to say that you will never see a more personally revealing juggling show...
His fascinations—and his skinless honesty—yield a great deal of pleasure."

It's exciting to watch as Thomas' world of performance continuously expands to include his many gifts and passions, while shedding layers of habit, pretense and defense to let the luminous light of his pure being and personality shine brightly in the art he offers to the world. He inspires me to continuously deepen my own practice of finding ways to be vulnerably open and authentically present, even when I feel that I'm 'on stage' or that I should be presenting a certain side of myself. Sometimes the rawness of "skinless honesty" sure feels painful and uncomfortable. The release, however, of surrendering to what-is always offers a breath of fresh air... eventually!

Can you imagine how sweet it would be to have a place where people could gather regularly to experience our heart chakra's bursting open, to be dazzled by wonder, awe and beauty, and to have opportunities to practice skinless honesty? I dream of this! Do you know of the perfect old church that wants to house such rich experiences?!

P.S. There's is a third review written in Japanese. Google translate didn't do much to help read it, so if you speak Japanese, feel free to share what the article says!!

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For Your Enjoyment and Inspiration: Whooshclang!

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Integrating Man's Control of Order with Nature's Mastery of Order

If you're in the Seattle Area, I highly recommend a trip to this year's Seattle International Children's Festival to experience contemplative juggler, Thomas Arthur May 17 - 19. For a taste, you can watch some recent television appearances here and here (for the second one, skip ahead to 31:31)

"In a wondrous dance of animate objects and projected image, Luminous Edge tells the story of a Wizard's apprentice and his struggle to learn new ways of being in a world on the verge of collapse. How do we learn to cooperate with the natural flow instead of trying to control it? The apprentice seeks to integrate the genius and skill of the Wizard with the heart of the Shaman as he explores magical patterns reflected in geometric shapes and natural objects.

Luminous Edge is a playful, hopeful exploration of the environmental and social problems facing our world today, a call to bring the wisdom of science into the heart of soul and community."

Although this work has been created for the children's festival, it will definitely appeal to adults as well and I highly recommend purchasing tickets and joining us for the experience.

At this performance you will be swept about by breathtakingly beautiful images of nature, forms of movement, and inquiries of existence.

In the meantime, here is a picture of Angkor Thom, Cambodia brought to us by Day and Night Painter. It's another sacred place that shows the connection between man's control and nature's power... and it also leaves me in awe.

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Woven Essence Film

Council Of Hosts - video powered by Metacafe

I'm excited to share with you a Woven Essence film production. Woven Essence (WE) is a collaborative venture between Thomas Arthur and me. This short video is from the gathering of hosts that I spoke of earlier. The film also inspires in me connection with what-is on our planet and hope for the future. Sharing Jack/Zen's New Year Wishes
May you realize more of your dreams,
May your dreams emerge from the place within that knows no fear,
May your courage inspire greatness.
May there be enough nourishment, support, inspiration, and well-being unfolding in this new year.


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Joy and Beauty that Moves Us Towards Life

Jan awakens space with his words:
The sad/joyful heart sounds familiar... we all experience it when a moment of unsuspected beauty catches us off guard: the emotions merge and take us to that place where the present moment is so overwhelmingly joyful/beautyful you just have to cry. You feel the deep sadness of beauty in flux, and realize the fabric of existence is a mystery. And that ultimately you are that mystery.
Thomas awakens space with his performances, expressions of the Luminous Edge, "open windows into fields of wonder and awe."

An audience member writes:
I just wanted to write and tell you how profoundly your show affected me - it was so beautiful and just filled me with inspiration and happiness. I brought my girlfriend with me to the show (we are both professional painters) and she also was overwhelmed and filled to the brim with inspiration.Your inclusion of the audience combined with your incredible openess was so invigorating. We felt so privledged to be included and that inclusion is such a part of making us all artists - breaking that potential barrier that stops people from participating and finding the joy of expression within themselves.

Thank you to each of you who offers forward your joy of expression, inviting us deeper into the mysterious fabric of existence.

(P.S. If you happen to be in the area of Nelson, British Columbia, there's a 7:00 show you won't want to miss: "a playful, contemplative performance and improvisational ritual expressing our connection to the natural flow of order in this world.")


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Patterns Shaping Time

Everybody has a passion. For each individual there is at least some activity that once involved in it, time seems to stop. You enter into the flow and an unspeakable sense of order fills your being -- as Thomas Arthur says about juggling, "It feels like coming home." This past month I shape shifted into a roadie, creative consultant, videographer, and spokeswoman for the child's perspective, touring through British Columbia with Thomas as he performed for elementary and high school students across the province. Encouragement to listen to and follow your patterns, discovering your passions, was among the many treasures glowing in his performance, Patterns Shaping Time: Poetry in Motion.

Thomas entertains and interacts with his audience as a juggler, storyteller, dancer, comedian, science teacher, math teacher, music teacher, illusion aficionado that generously reveals his secrets, and an inspirational role model. One principal noted, "Of all the talented performers that we've had come through this school, I've never seen anyone touch every single student as you just did." As an observer amongst the audience, I can attest to the truth in this statement. At the height of the tour, Thomas was reaching out to 1000 children a day for 5 days straight and on some level, each child was affected by his presence. Whether it was through his captivating and awe inspiring juggling and movement, the mystique of the illusions he shared, the opportunity to be on stage and experience rhythm, balance, and juggling, the chance to ask questions and express curiosity, or both the silent and expressed invitations to physically and vocally participate in the show, it appeared that every child was in some moment personally invested and involved in the show. Watching the performance becomes a visceral experience of feeling the sounds, rhythms, and patterns move through space and through one's own body. Excitement and desire to join and participate (both in one's seat and on stage) uncontrollably bubbles up in moments of awe, amazement, and inspiration.

Most impressive to me was the various modes of expression that Thomas uses to communicate. The instrument of his human body is optimized to the fullest capacity, illustrating the fluidity of motion and the order of rhythm through his movements, accentuating emotional charges with brightly animated facial expressions, and giving voice and shape to motion and movement through lyrical sounds. On many occasions, Thomas was accompanied by a sign language interpreter. It was fascinating to watch as they seemed to sign not only his words, but his motions and the emotional connotations embedded in his actions. Throughout the performance, Thomas is accompanied with objects such as wooden spiral roots and a metal garden spiral that come to life when spun by his presence. During these parts of the show, the interpreters would sign the motions and movements of the objects. In the habit of expressing that which is being communicated, it appeared that the signers felt compelled to translate a means of expression that was quite perceivable to a hearing impaired child. This was a beautiful example of the prominence of nonverbal forms of communication in Thomas’ show. By communicating in so many different ways, Thomas symbolically spoke many different languages, following threads that touch the audience's mind, body, heart, and soul.

It was an honor to be a part of and witness to this beautiful show, watching as it rippled through the audience seeping out into the world!


ahhhh, thank you for those lovely words, ashley. what a delight to be seen so fully. your insights and ideas about the show and how to connect with my young audience made the performance so much better. your deep empathy for children and your understanding of what will keep them fully engaged and open to learning is inspiring. i honor the gifts you freely give. thank you, thank you.

chk, chk,
all my love,

Oh ashley, how i envy the opportunity you have had, to be able to sit and watch thomas perform for all those precious children. i felt the exictment and amazement of the show through your wonderful words! like i was actually sitting next to you feeling the electricity in the atomsphere. how i marvel at what thomas does for kids and adults too, how fulfilling his life must be!
thank you!
with love,maria


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