Learnings From a Gathering of Hosts

I offer to you a woven tapestry of some of my notes and immediate learnings from a gathering of hosts on Bowen Island in November and learnings as they continue to emerge while I integrate back into daily life!
Recognizing what one wants to play with in service to the whole. Maintaining connection with that which one is fully present with and allowing immediate experiences of clarity to inform action.
Learning my place
At the closing circle I spoke that I am still learning and feeling my way into this hosting work, listening to see how it fits with my current commitments and action in the world. Chris asked me to share what emerges in this learning. Since ‘this experiment’ began, I have been more conscious of the doing-oriented areas of my life that are informed by hosting, holding, inviting and harvesting skills. I have started to see with more discernment projects where I can bring more of these capacities to life. I am more consciously carrying a hosting resonance and pay close attention to when and where I feel that vibration resonating in relation to my involvements. As I am starting to feel my circles of love-in-action overlap, I am learning about and inquiring into the mutual space.

Circling back to the learning mentioned in green above, I recognize that hosting is one way I play in service to the whole. I am practicing maintaining connection with what is fully present in my life, allowing my experiences of clarity to inform my action, and taking note as the practice of hosting shows up in new ways in relationship to old forms and structures that were already present.

Holding an intention for clarity and embracing the presence of stuckness, hurt or pain. Not with the intention to fix it, make it go away, deny it, but with a dedication to clarity and knowing that as this is what is present, this is where the energy is. Be with the energy and stay open and aligned with clarity. This requires a willingness to submit and release into the process being given.

A new relationship with clarity emerged for me in our time together and continues to deeply inform me – of where I am aligned and holding an intention for clarity and where I fall into old habits of trying to fix, make happen, define knowing, etc.

Some questions that have emerged: How do I currently listen to guidance? How do I notice the presence of divine guidance? What does a space of clarity feel like for me and how then do I move into wise action? What is my current process for this practice? How do I manifest this pattern?

A collection of relationships working in trust, out of commitment to and love for one another. How quickly can our gifts and talents configure to give to the world?

Feeling a vibrating vibrance illuminating our need for connection, contact and sustained support.

One learning that emerged for me was recognizing the value in (and possible need for) exploring concrete practices which bring attention to the ways we deepen connection with and presencing of those that are not physically present but are in so many other ways with us. Those being other people currently living, ancestors, loved ones who’ve passed away, future generations, Spirit, God, animals, the land, un-seeable essences, etc. How do we bring more form (form possibly just meaning collective consciousness) to the web of support that holds us and the work that we are doing?
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