Opening Space and Deepening Connection

How do you open space for your connection with yourself?
  • I breathe. I listen to my breath. I allow my breath to guide me. I follow.
  • I value myself and I value others.
  • I explore new techniques and organically arising processes for listening to and connecting with my internal experience.
  • I love others… through loving others I am introduced to a variety of aspects of myself.
  • I play with children. Listen to their world and allow myself to follow the mystery of their engagement with life.
  • I trust my felt sense and my experience of now.
  • I follow my passions. I take responsibility for what I love.
How do you deepen connection with yourself?
  • I practice connecting with myself – physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually.
  • I practice connecting with something outside of my self… You, Other.
  • I engage in imaginative play.
posted by ashley

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