Discovering Sweet Realities

suspended in presence
guided by wholeness
dedicated to respect

thank you for accepting love
thank you for receiving
thank you for expressing joy
thank you for just being

golden waves of wonder
winding through eternity
electric lines of clarity
threading bonds of unity

blessed is this sacred life
that spreads its wings
bears its soul
opening heart
in humility

I wrote in an email yesterday that "as of today, I'm officially surfacing from... well, not yet sure where from, but I'm surfacing... so I look forward to connecting with you." And here I am blogging, so you know life is shifting! Saturday Thomas and I went to Wallace Falls for a ritual celebration of our birthdays. This balanced bhuddette perched within the riverbed, inviting stillness in a passageway of waters' flow is one of my teachers right now. And cleaning off my desktop I rediscovered a Sweet Reality. I'm open this morning, following threads of awareness and listening to the hum of golden wholes.
posted by ashley

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