The Interconnectivity Equation!

I often hear inspiring calls inviting us to open ourselves to experiencing the interconnectedness of existence, to be a part of a larger whole. We are invited to turn our attention beyond ourselves, honoring and embracing our role as servants to a greater good. We are encouraged to let go of selfish constraints that trap us in our own little worlds, opening to our true nature which is intrinsically interwoven in a universal fabric of peace and love.

I deeply appreciate these calls as they emerge from a well that resonates with my soul. And when I read them or hear them, I also notice that my forehead makes a wrinkling decline towards my nose, imprinting an expression of confusion and defense that is streaming through my mind.

A little bit about me. I often ‘see’ patterns visually in my mind’s eye. It’s a special sort of seeing, not made of the focused color, form and substance with which my eyes are accustomed to relating. I experience a flow, rhythm, pattern, or interplay that is incredibly solid and formed as sensations within me… visual sensations. I experience the feeling sensually and identify with it as a visual expression.

Back to the call and a pattern that I sometimes sense.

When I hear these calls (return to unity, be of service) I often experience a flow of energy that looks like an incomplete loop. I feel-see a powerful, dense and radiant surge of life force pouring forth from some source. The surge spreads out into existence as a charged outpouring of good (for lack of a better word). It relates with and connects to a radiant web of offerings of integrity manifesting in the world. The outpouring cycles back around to the original source. Upon re-entry, however, the flow of energy becomes cataclysmic, shaky and rickety in its journey through the source, an individual or group. The channel of receiving and embodying is not as polished and tuned as the channel of offering and giving. I experience the next cycle of this spiraling outpouring of energy as being, from my perspective, less concentrated and powerful than it could be. Its spread is narrow as there are gaps where the offering is not complete because the source from which it emerges is not aligned and integrated, included in the offering.

And then my rational mind kicks in, my eye brows furrow, and a fierce voice that yearns to be integrated into these powerfully inspiring calls sternly begins speaking from within. We, our authentic Self, must be included in this process. In order to do so we must strengthen our capacity to articulately express through our ENTIRE bodies and being this divine calling.

As balanced and integrated beings, we must give as much active energy and attention towards changing ourselves as we give to ‘changing the world.’ We must honor the change needed in ourselves, the blocks and habits within our own beings that prevent us from seeing clearly and responding to our own personal issues. We must listen to and respond to the personal callings that require us to stretch beyond our comfort zone, beyond the certainty of that which we know and understand, diving into the unknown and scary. When we are fully present in this process, the trails of contraction and fear illuminate for us hidden crevices of our self that are essential to being alive and awake and have been patiently waiting for our attention. As we honor them, include them in our entourage, we open ourselves be being more integrated, aligned, and available as fluid channels through which spiraling cycles of life force may gush through, further charging our offerings of service with vital essence and power.

I recognize that I am a part of a culture which is self-centered, confined and disconnected. It sees itself as incredibly important while not knowing how to take responsibility for its own actions and see beyond the self to include a world of interconnectivity. I also recognize that I am part of a subset of this culture which sees the world of interconnectivity as a ‘greater good’, sometimes leaving out the fullness of the world of the Self as an imperative part of the interconnectivity equation.

I pray that we may let go of selfish constraints that trap us in our own little worlds, opening to a living reality of Self-centeredness where we may fully connect into an interwoven experience in which we are of service to and conscious participants living the greatest good.

How do you experience such callings? Do you hear fierce voices that yearn to be integrated? What do they say? Do you 'see' with your mind's eye? What is that like for you? I'm curious!
posted by ashley

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