The Practice of Play

An earlier post on the practice of play elicited this comment from Maria
Oh wonderful play! Whom better to re-educate ourselves than our own children. Just yesterday Ashley, myself, Jared and Zoe did just what you said and laughed soooo hard that our tummy's hurt. The situation arose when Ii was sitting on floor with Zoe coloring and she accidentally marked my arm with the marker. She apologized and on impulse I put a dot on her nose and she giggled. The incident caught Jared's attention, he sat by us and drew on his nose. Oh my! Then the fun began as we all started to color our faces with all different colors -- red,green, black, brown and yellow. Looking at each other just sent us roaring with laughter. My husband turned to see what all the laughter was about and just shook his head and told us that we were silly, but I just didn't care as that feeling of laughing sooo much was sooo worth it. I had not laughed like that in a while! Then we all got up and looked in the mirror and just fell about the place in fits of laughter. Let our kids take us on these wonderful experiences. Let them take you by the hand and allow them to show you the countless possibilities of play!

Thank you Zoe and Jared for reminding me how to play! love mom!
And yesterday I received these treasured pictures in the mail. As the note says: "Be very careful when your kids say 'Mom, Will you color with me?'. You may be in for a fun time."

What inspirations you three are. Thank you.
posted by ashley

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