Innocence Awakening and Biodiesel School Buses

Heather has an inspiring blog, Innocence Awakening.
It is amazing how we can make such a difference in this world by changing small areas of our everyday life.
And yet she doesn't just focus on the small areas:
I spent a lot of time today doing research on the web and finally found one answer to the many questions I have about the gas issue in our country. I have always noticed when my daughter gets picked up by the school bus in front of our home that it has diesel written on the side. I found a website that campaigns for biodiesel school buses called Veggievan.org. I called the head of transportation today and asked if they would consider it because it's simply a change in fuel. Maybe there is a tax credit out there for a program like this. Or maybe one should be started. Anyway, I am going to keep calling until they let me speak to them and give them information on the alternative.
And then an update later in the day:
The head of Clarkston Community School transportation just called me and said he is interested in the useof biodiesell for our buses. He said they are Thompson and manufactured by Daimler Chrysler and since we lease every three years and are due next year for new buses, he thinks its viable to revisit the issue. Now I just need to gather more data for him. If anyone has any info on this let me know.
You go girl!!
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