First Day of School

Patti Flick mentored me in being a school counselor. Being in her presence as she moves through a school of children, one observation is immediate... The children LOVE and ADORE her and she LOVES and ADORES them. As I looked closer I saw it was because they knew without a doubt that she saw them. She recognized them and adored seeing them, loving them and letting them know that. Walking down the halls you see her eyes fixed on their eyes, her loving heart sweeping them up and embracing them as they walk by, and her warm body doing the same when they come and soak her in hugs.

Yesterday was the kids first day of school, I am their new counselor (for those in pre-kindergarten through third grade). The head of the school introduced all of us newbies. We stand up on the stage as she talks about who we are, a sea of kid's faces looking up. As I stood there, I looked straight into those glowing (and some bored and restless) eyes. And my little right hand was waving when contact was made. It was such a gift to watch as these little waves started springing up through the audience. And these faces of 'see me, see me. Yes! She sees me' would bubble about. I was so amazed by how strong that hunger, desire, need to be seen and appreciation of being seen is, even in a large assembly. I felt so blessed to be standing up there offering some of these children the gift that, Yes! We as adults are out here looking at you and it's possible for you to want to be seen as a unique individual in a sea of bodies, and to actually be seen.

This story swept over me this morning as I read Meredith's comment that I am fortunate and my bliss is contagious. I have such gratitude for my fortune and I pray that bliss and hope be contagious. Can you feel it?
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