"Come as you are" Party

A question
How do we invite people to be more aware of such experiences as recognizing another's wide open door, or feeling an internal pulsing that ignites one's being like effervescence? How do we open space for such awareness? Obviously one route that I enjoy is talking about it, pointing it out... Any practices that you enjoy?

Christy brilliantly responded:
sometimes it has taken years (years, i tell you!) of knowing someone superficially to suddenly realize that the normal polite walls and doors between me, and that person, were just veils. not even veils, just fog in my eyes. that realization does seem to happen faster these days--always i think about our friend anne stadler's statement: "we have to develop the capacity for instant connection". my capacity has definitely been developed and conditioned by my favorite habit of spending time with people who live in that open-doored open space (open to pretty much anyone, not only to me)--like yourself and like anne s, and other heart-tribe friends and relations, and like many spiritual teachers & practitioners i have gotten to know. also, having experience of the warm humming-fizzing-fire feeling makes it easier and easier to recognize each time it happens anew. noticing whether people let me look them right in the eyes or not, and whether or not i want to, is sometimes another clue for me.

of course, ideally i will want to open the door to any soul whose path i cross, but i can't say that i have reached that stage yet.

speaking of an open door policy and walls and doors turning to fog, Karen shared:
In recent years, the boundaries between my work and play have become pretty permeable. These distinctions often feel like self (and other)-imposed artificial barriers that prevent us from embracing the fullness of being who and how we are. At some point or another, I just started treating my life as one big invitation to "come as you are" party, showing up as I am in whatever context in which I happen to be and do my best to interact authentically with whatever is...noticing and naming and opening and closing in service of furthering what'’s most honest within, between and among us.
Christy and Karen, Thank you both for inviting me to your "come as you are" party... and you that's reading, it's wonderful to have you with us!!
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