Dissolve, Release, Liberation

Many years ago the modern mayan calendar was introduced to me along with a 13 moon calendar. I go through phases of using this calendar as part of my daily practice. Some mornings upon waking, I read about the day's glyph and tone (The tones are the bars and dots which represent numbers 1-13. Today is 11. The glyphs are the pictures and there are 20.), some days I use the glyph and tone to add deeper insight into my day, some days after experiencing the flavor of the day, I check in with the calendar to see how they connect. When I am in-tune with this calendar, I marvel at the synchronicity I feel with the tones and glyphs. The daily confirmations of alignment with an order that is more expansive than my own day's unfolding is quite awe-some to me. The first long period of time that I spent using this as my primary calendar had a dramatic effect on my perspective of time. I did begin to recognize that "time is a frequency, the frequency of synchronization."

Today is Blue Spectral Eagle. I'd like to share with you about Spectral (tone 11). These words are reprinted from the 13moon calendar. For fun, decode another date that has meaning to you.
Tone 11 represents the power of creative dissolution and dissonant structure. What can appear as destruction or chaos may actually be the necessary forces of liberation evoking a release from rigid structure and format. As we release that which no longer serves, we make way for new opportunities and understandings to emerge. Setting us free from expectation or definite notions, Spectral energy breaks us out of routine, releasing us into the spectrum of possibility! Like a prism refracting white light -- revealing its full spectrum of colors, Tone 11 provokes us to see aspects of our wholeness that may be yet undiscovered.

Guiding us to dissolve fixed concepts, fears, or habitual patterns that weigh us down, Spectral power declares: "I invite break-through; I dissolve identity; I un-solidify; I release old models for new models; I wield dissonance as a force of liberation; I redeem chaos as untamed order; I shed; I free limiting beliefs and constructs -- no box, no separation, no boundaries; uncontained; free-form; receptive to the prismatic range of possibility."

Spectral advises: Let go; let your self be absorbed by life itself. Be flexible in yielding to the formless flow. Allow your focus to cover a vast range. Dissolve feelings of constrictions. Welcome spontaneity, seeming disruptions, and unexpected detours. Release allegiance to limitations, reliance upon format, or fixation upon control. Un-do, break-down, mix it up! Allow energy to travel as it needs. Disperse into formless existence.
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