these pictures from the hubble telescope are amazing!

the original pictures are black and white. but those that know best add the color. you might ask why….

• To depict how an object might look to us if our eyes were as powerful as Hubble

• To visualize features of an object that would ordinarily be invisible to the human eye

• To bring out an object’s subtle details.

basically, helping us see the things that we can’t see with our own little eyes. what’s the equivalent to adding color in the world of touch? to help people feel the things our own little sensorsers can’t feel: another person loving you, confusion, tension in the room, someone staring at you. or how about injecting some color to help us see the patterns we otherwise might not notice: the wind blowing, someone’s breath, the lines connecting a room full of people. and the things we need help hearing: other people thinking of us and talking to us from afar, our inner voice. heightening our taste of: a fall day, an ill person…

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