to find words

painting by david friedman

hello from israel…

a moment to write has passed my way… a desire to share of the amazement in my life is strong… and yet i am intimidated by this blank screen. where to begin? what to share?questions anyone?!

my experience here has moved me in so many ways. the land, the people, judaism, the reality of life here, community, relationships, growth, learning, observing, listening, experiencing, feeling, wondering …LIVING.

i’ll save a day to day account until i can properly link you up to some information about the places i’ve visited…

since the “official” trip has ended the most prominent feeling sitting within me has been a sense of being filled with so much love. blessings are not to be taken for granted in this place. my appreciation and gratitude grows ever-stronger.

sleep is knocking at the door. i guess this is just a quick pop-in to say hello… stay tuned more to follow as the process unfolds!

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