Giving Thanks

the clouds are packed tight in the sky…inviting a slow morning… for the day to gently unfold.

Last night i heard someone speak about Victor Frankl’s book Man’s Search for Meaning.The point being made was that everyone has suffering in their life. The experience is universal to us all. The power comes from what one gets out of the suffering, what one turns the suffering into. There are lessons and aids for growth and development constantly raining down around us… especially on a gently unfolding morning!

so today i celebrate the act of giving thanks. it is in this embrace with gratitude that love thrives and shines. i myself am in awe of life, and extremely thankful for the blessings that fill my moments (both the painful and the pretty). at times i find myself over-joyed with appreciation for these blessings … the abundance of joy reminds me to share the experience. this to me is giving thanks… recognizing the many blessings in my life at any moment, and putting awareness and intention into their existence. with another person, this often comes out as a complement… a deep appreciation for one’s being…my thankfulness for the spirit one shares with life. with life, my gratitude pours out as my heart opens and joins with life beyond me….

while i try to honor such moments as they arise, on this day of thanksgiving, i give thanks for the act of giving thanks!!

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